thoughts on faith


One of the things that I'd like to let go of in this new year is my uncanny ability to worry about any and everything going on in the world. Things in my life, things in your life, random occurrences, anything. It doesn't matter. 

If there's something unfortunate happening to an undeserving person, I'm gonna worry about it.

Right. This is a not-so-good habit that I have.

This morning I had an aha moment about all this worry. Is it possible that all my worry is due to a lack of faith? A lack of faith in myself, or other people or humanity to make everything ok? 

I think that just may be the issue.

I think I need to get back into my "crazy faith" mentality, where I have an inordinate amount of trust in the Universe that things will be okay and work out. A trust that everything that happens is for a reason and that people are ultimately good. A trust that it will all be just fine.

And, as if to reinforce my morning pages-induced light bulb moment, my horoscope for the day ended with this:

Stop being so cheap towards yourself. Treat yourself to something that's not on the sale rack today...the symbolism of paying full price is like telling the universe, "I have faith in the abundance you provide."


So, I'm buying myself this. And not looking back.