thursday's confession: I'm tired

I was talking with Michelle the other day and I said, "I'm just so busy."

She replied (as most people do when this comes up): "You're always so busy."

Oh. Wait a second. What?!

Busy is my norm. And I'm fucking tired of it.

I'm tired of hiding behind the things I have to do, things I choose to do, and how I spend my time. I'm tired of holding myself back with this idea that things have to be perfect and hard to be worth it.

I'm tired of letting all of these other things get in the way of my business, of my trying.

I'm tired of not moving forward because this life I've created is holding me back.

I'm tired of standing in my own way.

I'm tired of it all.

And so it stops today. Every day is a chance for me to grow my business and my life. To take a stand for what I really want, for how I KNOW my life can be. Even if I haven't been there yet.

I refuse to believe that I can't do something just because I've never done it. I refuse to value the hard over the easy. I refuse to wait any longer.

What about you? What could your life look like in a year if today you refused to wait any longer to get started?