to cape or not to cape?

So, what do y'all think about the winter cape?


(from Anthro, of course)

Here are the reasons having a cape for the winter would be cool:

1. The ability to hide a popcorn belly after the movies.

2. Sherlock Holmes wore a cape. Word.

3. Secret equestrian life? Yes, please!

4. Optional hand exposure? Brilliant!

5. Hello! Superheros. Capes. Superheros. Capes. My Fanny Fantastic cape doesn't really match most things, but tweed goes well with just about everything.

And honestly, y'all, (and my bff Laura will totes vouch for me here) I wanted a cape at the end of last summer! Last summer! I am such a freakin' trendsetter.

Stick with me, peeps, and I'll show you the whole world!