the truth behind my $40,000 launch (pt. 1)

the truth behind my $40,000 launch. by Tiffany Han

I just wrapped up registration for my new 100 Rejection Letters program.

For anyone who’s proficient at math, I wasn’t hiding the numbers or what I was earning from the program. This launch garnered me $40,584, most of which will come in monthly over the course of the next year.


Let’s talk about this.

I could write an email or put together an e-book or webinar featuring my Secret Launch Formula that will show you exactly how I plotted out this launch and guarantee that it will give you the tools you need to create your very own 5-figure launch.

I could include a timeline such as this that will help you figure out what email to send when:

My $40K launch email plan. (via Tiffany Han)

And yes, I did all that. I wrote a shit-ton of emails; most at 11pm after begging Tim to please write them, letting him know that all he had to do was say yo and fuck and use a lot of exclamation points. (Fucking kidding yo!!!)

Yes, the emails helped. Feel free to borrow this formula for your next launch, remembering to make each email valuable on its own. It’s not just about selling! selling! selling! It’s about providing value. Start with the value. For every single email you send. (This is a good rule of thumb for always.)

I could show you that timeline and leave it at that. Or I could tell the truth.

The success of this launch was based on more than just email. So. Much. More. 

Tomorrow, I’ll show you a different timeline, one that incorporates all of the moments that contributed to this successful launch. One that highlights more than just emails sent. One that shows the truth behind this mega-successful-looks-so-good-on-paper launch.

2015 Sparkle & Shine wall calendar from Tiffany Han

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching