the truth behind my $40,000 launch (pt. 2)

the truth behind my $40,000 launch. by Tiffany Han Yesterday, I shared that the launch of 100 Rejection Letters earned me over $40,000 in revenue. Click here for Part 1 and to see the launch timeline that I could be sharing.

Today, I’m sharing the real timeline of my launch, the one that shows you the real story of a $40,000 launch. Let's pull back the curtain on this looks-so-good-on-paper-mega-successful launch, shall we.

Here's the real timeline of my 100 Rejection Letters program, for which registration opened on September 25, 2014.

May 2007: Decide not to pursue an MBA. I'd taken the GMAT and started the application process when I realized becoming a Professional Manager or Consultant was the last thing I wanted.

May 2008: I write my first blog post on my new internet home, Live Happy.

live happy by tiffany han

September 2008: Try quitting my day job. I was working as a fundraiser for a San Francisco non-profit. This job looked great on paper! My boss, who was about to go on maternity leave, asks me to stay for 6 months until she gets back. I get a promotion and a raise.

February 2009: Leave the looks-so-good-on-paper job, knowing that I want to take some time to travel and do something creative. I have no idea what is next.

May 2009: Spend a month in France with Tim. Realize that I value ease. And naps. And picnics.

July 2009: On a whim, I register for a painting retreat with Mati McDonough and Kelly Rae Roberts. At this point, I've never picked up a paint brush in my life. But I'm hungry for something new.

August 2009: Get hired at Paper Source as a key holder. I love that their motto is "Do Something Creative Every Day."

January 2010: Work with Michelle Ward because I wanna figure out what I wanna do when I grow up! (Later on, I make Michelle become one of my dearest friends. At this point, we'd never met.)

February 2010: Attend the Artful Journey retreat where I spend 3 days painting and collaging with Mati and Kelly Rae. I fall in love with painting. And I develop a great girl crush on Mati. Decide that I want to be an artist.

May 2010: Launch my etsy shop "Crafty Fanny" with hand-printed gocco greeting cards that say "You are beautiful."

August 2010: Start working with Mati Rose as her intern. (Apparently, the girl crush was mutual.)

September 2010: Launch my first "real" website after working with Jess Swift!

January 2011: On a whim, visit the space that will become Teahouse Studio with Mati and Stef.

January 2011: Start working with my good friend Nicole who is in the process of getting her life coach certification. When I tell her that I'm dragging my feet on getting life coach training, she tells me that I'm wasting my life. Bam. A fire is lit.

February 2011: Start life coach training with CTI. Sign lease on Teahouse Studio.

the old Tiffany Moore website.

March 2011: Book my first paid 6-month coaching client.

July 2011: Start my 6-month life coach certification process, a requirement of which is that I have a roster of 5 paid clients for the duration of the 6 months.

August 2011: Host Erin Loechner at Teahouse Studio for a workshop. She teaches us that a secret to success is to raise your hand and say yes. I meet Maggie Moore of Curious & Company at this workshop and we talk about potentially re-doing my website.

September 2011: Toss my hat in the ring to be a business contributor for Paper & Stitch.

October 2011: My first Paper & Stitch post goes live. I contribute two posts each month for over 2 years.

October 2011: Start an Artists Way reading group with some facebook friends. It is on one of our calls that I declare that I'm going to get 100 Rejection Letters in one year.

March 2012: Apply to be a guest contributor for Design for Mankind while Erin is on her maternity leave. The first post for my Life Design 101 series goes live two weeks later.

April 2012: Work with Alexandra Franzen; during our session, she mentions that 100 Rejection Letters could be turned into a year-long coaching program. Oh reeeaaaallly?

April 2012: Get engaged to Tim Han. We decide to get married in September. Between my coaching practice, Teahouse, and my part-time job (I went back to the nonprofit), wedding planning takes up all of the rest of my available time. 100 Rejection Letters gets moved to the back burner.

August 2012: My new designed-by-a-pro website launches.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.31.35 PM

January 2013: Attend ALT Summit for the first time. Meet Erin Cassidy in person. She's adorable.

February 2013: Email Erin on a whim to see if I can hire her to do my blog graphics. (Best. Whim. Ever.)

February 2014: Have the twins!

March 2014: Launch another new website.

July 2014: Come back from maternity leave; realize I need to start playing a bigger game in my business.

August 2014: Attend Tara Gentile's CreativeLive class: How to Market, Launch, and Sell your Next Big Thing.

September 2014: Launch Raise your hand. Say yes. Launch 100 Rejection Letters.

Game on.

Here’s the deal: all of this takes time.

Yes. I had a successful launch. But I’ve also been building my online business and following since 2008. 2008!

And yet, we all want it overnight. We all watch what everyone else is doing and think why not me? It all takes time. More time than a lot of people are willing to give.

It takes more than just time, though. I'll be back on Thursday for the wrap-up. And learning. There's always so much learning.

2015 Sparkle & Shine wall calendar from Tiffany Han