the value of YOU.

The Value of YOU via The Tiffany Han

We can talk all day long about strategy (and we do). 

We can talk all day long about best practices (and we do).

We can talk all day long about read this and listen to this and download this so that you know all there is to know about this very specific thing.

And if you need to know a lot about a very specific thing, all of this can be quite helpful.

But, in most cases, you don’t.

You don't need to know ALL THE THINGS. You just need to know what it's going to take to get you started.

But we let our chase of the “very specific thing” knowledge overtake everything.

We research something to death, wanting to know one more specific detail, certain that there’s a different perfect option that we haven’t yet discovered.

We poll our friends over and over again. We google. We watch those 2-minute introduction videos.

We let our research supersede the Doing.

Because, all that time, we could have been creating something amazing.

Did you know that the average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media?

I recently polled my facebook friends to see what they would do with this time if it was handed to them as a gift: 2 hours each day, no strings attached, no obligation. The answers ranged from sleep to exercise to create to read to have more sex. Not a single person said they’d spend more time scrolling.

Keep your eye on the prize via Tiffany Han

And yet. This is what we’re all doing. Every single day. We are giving away the moments of our lives to businesses designed to keep us hooked.

Businesses that are the social media outlets. Businesses that teach about the social media outlets. Businesses that co-exist hand-in-hand with all of these other so-called tools to help us create growth in our creative businesses and our lives.

And yes. There is value there. Some value. But the real value is in you. In the content you create. In the actions you take and the words you say and the things that you make people feel with your work.

That is the value we’re all looking for here. And that is the value that comes from the time spent sleeping and exercising and creating and reading and having sex.

But no one ever talks about the power of the value behind what you’re creating. Because we’re afraid of being hacks and secretly think that our work isn't good enough, that's it's a sub-par version of something that someone else has already done better. Because that’s how our brains work. And we’re uncomfortable with the potential value and the hard work so we hide.

We run to facebook and start scrolling. We look up pie recipes on pinterest. We check out our favorite blogger’s instagram which leads us to a link on their site and then we’re gone.

At that point, our potential for creating something of value is about 4%. But we don’t even know it because we’re numb. And we’ve learned to perceive our numbness as looking for inspiration. 

Because that’s what everyone wants us to think. Because it’s in their best interest to keep us clicking and scrolling and liking and pinning. Because that’s how they make their money.

Not that there’s anything wrong with making money. That’s not what this is about.

This is about forsaking your own sleep and exercise and creation and sex for the sake of consuming something mandated by the Gods of the Internet.

This is about making a clear decision about what you want and establishing boundaries that will allow you to make that happen for yourself.

This is about less scrolling and more creating - on your terms, in alignment with what you want, even if the prospect of actually getting it makes your heart race and your palms sweat and your stomach churn and omg could I actually do this?

Yes. You could. You can. But not until you get to work.

Next week, on Wednesday (8/26) and Thursday (8/27), I am teaching two classes forCreativeLive (enroll to livestream for free) that are designed to help you figure out your end game and start taking action towards your dreams without letting social media (or fear!) run the show.

On Wednesday, join me for The Easy Yes and learn not only about how to craft an effective pitch, but how to integrate a pitching strategy to help you achieve your Big goals (capital B big) and how you can use the Easy Yes mindset to help you get a yes nearly every time. (Because we all know that a dose of rejection can be a very good thing!).

Then on Thursday, in Social Media Sanity, we'll be turning our focus to social media, talking not just about how you can design a social media strategy that works for you but about how you can also make sure that you are using social media as a tool for telling the story of your brand. What's that story, you wonder? I'll help you find it. It's time to get your time back, Sweets.

If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it Love. This could be the game changer you've been waiting for. Enroll. Watch. Learn.

It's your turn.

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