want a change? make a list.

A couple of years ago, I was single and starting to feel ready for a relationship. Ready, but scared. Scared to open myself up to another person again. Scared to put myself out into the world of dating. Scared that I would find myself in another relationship like the one I had been out of for over a long time, the last serious relationship I had been in. Scared that old patterns would emerge and old habits repeated. Scared that all of the hard work I had done on myself, finding myself, remembering the person I used to be, would be for nothing.

But, I was ready. I knew I was. So I made a list. I made a list of all the characteristics I'd like my future mate to have.

(Note: the following are excerpts from an actual journal entry, dated 1/14/07...hello, personal!)

For example, my ideal partner would be:

  • someone with the humor to surprise me every day and always make me laugh

  • someone who has a profound amount of trust in me and my ability to make good choices for myself

  • someone who is passionate about things in his own life and wants to share those things with me

  • someone who brings out the best in me

I made the list. Wrote everything down, put a lot of thought into it. 15 items total. And then I promptly forgot about it. Months later, I met Tim. He was fantastic and amazing, and he still is. And I was happy, and I still am.

Imagine my surprise a couple of months after meeting him when I rediscovered my list...and he matched every single quality I had listed. Um yeah, I was shocked! And excited and nervous and amazed!

What is the power behind lists? Is it that one finally makes a choice of what they want and puts it out to the universe? Is there some sort of magic out there that changes your energy?  Or is it the power behind the intention, the power that you finally take for yourself, to make a bold statement of what you want out of life, and what you're no longer willing to settle for.

I don't know the reasoning behind it, and honestly, I don't care. Because I made a list and the universe gave me Tim. And it's magic.


Thank you, Universe, for helping me find my love. And thank you, Tim, for being you.

Print available in Robert Ryan's etsy shop (found via designismine). So very lovely. It makes me so happy to know that this kind of love exists in our world.

Is there something you're searching for? Something you feel like you're missing? Make a list. And put your energy into it. Pour your soul into it, and open yourself up to receiving what you list on a piece of paper. Trust that it can be, and it will be.