wednesday's inspiration

It's ME! That's right, friends, today I am claiming myself as the inspiration of the week!

Wait? Is that allowed? Can I really claim myself as my choice of inspiration?

Here's the thing: I am living a dream right now. I just left a job that wasn't fulfilling, spent months traveling and having amazing experiences, and am now in a position to fully decide what I want my next step to be. Total freedom. I can go in whatever direction I choose.

I'm also in a position to say "no thanks" to opportunities that may not be right for me. I could apply for a job at IKEA, but do I really want to work at IKEA? Not so much.

This is a luxury; I understand that. Not everyone has such great opportunities; I also understand that.  Which is why I hope to use my experience in finding my happy and living my dream as a way to inspire others. To show other people that changing your life is possible. That it can happen. It may not be easy or necessarily fun at times, but it is possible. And, in the end, is so worth every step!

But, um, so far? Yeah, I haven't done so much about figuring my stuff out.  I've been living and experiencing and having a grand time. But, not so much work has been done into figuring out my next steps. Granted, I did just come off a few months of travel. And moved into a new house. And came down with the virus-that-won't-quit. But it's time. NOW. It's time to get this show on the road. For me to start doing, instead of just talking about doing. To start living. And making things happen.

The first step: put it in writing. Vocalize it. Tell other people about it. Find other people to be accountable to. And hold yourself accountable in the process.

Pretty exciting, huh? This is gonna be an AWESOME summer. It's on!