wednesday's inspiration


Tonight I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with my friend Nicole who is in town from Portland. Nicole is my soul-sister, someone with whom I always feel alive and energized. She makes me think and inspires me always.

Whenever we get together, Nicole and I always seem to come back to our plans, what we're doing to get our lives to the place we want to be.  How we're going about accomplishing this, what steps we're taking. We're always growing, we have been ever since we met seven years ago at a restaurant in the East Bay when Nicole trained me on how to be a cocktail waitress -- run up the stairs like a graceful gazelle, she used to tell me.

Tonight, we decided that we were going to write down our dreams for ourselves, put some power behind them. So, after dinner, we came back to my house and sat down to write. It was hard at first, hard to put into words, onto paper, make real what we each want and what we're feeling. Hard because it's scary, and because you never know how things will change. But, writing things down is such a powerful tool, such a positive step towards making your dreams come true.

I encourage all of you to try this same exercise. Sit down in a comfortable space, and write:

One year from now, I will be...

And then see what happens, see where this takes you, what kind of voice it awakens within you. Perhaps in one year you want to be exactly where you are now. You're in such a good place at the moment that you don't want to lose it. So write it down. Perhaps in one year you want to be in a radically different place, somewhere far away from anywhere you've ever been, anything you've ever known. So write it down.

Write it all down and know that there's power in what you're doing. Know that by writing it down, by putting pen to paper that you are focusing your intention on what you want and getting things started. When you write, do it for yourself. You don't have to share it with anyone. These are your dreams -- acknowledge them, trust them, and make them happen.

Nicole and I are going to make plans to get back together in a year to look at our plans, read them to each other, and evaluate how far we've come and how much we've accomplished. I'm not planning to share my plans with anyone before then. I think that I will most likely continue adding to the plan in the coming weeks and then at some point, put it away and let it be.

But, I would like to share one piece of what I wrote. This is something that I wish not only for myself but for everyone in this world. Perhaps it will even inspire you:

I will laugh and love and live and dance. Even when people are watching, even with they're paying attention. I will do those things with reckless abandon, with a will so pulled toward the happy that I can't help but do them. And I will surround myself with people who celebrate that not only in me but also in their own lives. People whose own energies fuel the fire of my spirit.

So get to it. Write it down. What do you see in your crystal ball?

Photo credit: Stinkie Pinkie