wednesday's inspiration

I was recently inspired by this blog post on decor8.  Holly writes about "late bloomers," creative types who come into their talent, or find their way later on. Not later on, later on, but at points in their lives when the conservative folk would rather they go to work every day and count beans until retirement hits.  These are people who don't realize their creative talents until they're at a point in their lives when they're supposed to "have their acts together." I realize that the term late bloomer is a bit of a misnomer: we aren't exactly talking golden girls here!

Kelly Rae Roberts was the subject of Holly's post. Kelly Rae found her talent, her art, her inspiration when she was 30 (older than me! there's hope! whoo hoo!) and she's amazing. She's found phenomenal success as a textile artist and just released her first book.

Here's one of her works, a favorite of mine. It's called Leap Fearlessly and is available at Kelly Rae's etsy shop.


This is a woman whose work I admire and whose message I hold dear to my own heart. She speaks of gratitude and owning it. It's like she's in my head sometimes! So, today, I choose to be inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. Looking at her works moves me, and I know that one day her book will do the same (btw, how do you balance trying to curb your spending to save up for an awesome adventure when there's so much cool stuff out there?). I hope that it moves you too.

And for those of you who think that living your dream is unattainable because you're too old or too far along in your career or have too many other responsibilities, I say it's never too late. I say go now and do it. Find it. And start living it. You will realize that a life is possible beyond what you have ever imagined.