wednesday's inspiration

I came across these posters via Design is Mine. I think they're awesome. Frank Chimero is an awesome designer -- and funny too!

This one tends to sum up what I think a lot of us feel about "finding our passion."


We want to find it, we know it's a good thing, but -- holy crap -- it's scary. It can lead to glorious things, but what if it doesn't? What if I find my passion, have a job that I'm crazy about, that I sing about, and still I'm unfulfilled? Do you ever have these doubts? Usually when I do it's because I'm feeling insecure about things, unsure about my decisions.

So I trust. I trust myself to make my own best decisions. I trust the voice inside that says that I can be happy. That I can live a fulfilling life that will bring me good things. And I trust that I can make it happen for myself. That I am in control of my future. That my instincts are right for me.


This one is fantastic! It makes me think of the advice that you need to figure out what it is that you do that you get lost in. That you can do for hours, without getting bored or needing to move onto other things. That passion is what brings about true productivity. That really gets things done. If only we could all be so passionate about everything we do! If only I could be so passionate about cleaning!