wednesday's inspiration


This poster might just be my new formula for success. (found here, thanks Dana!)

We've been talking all about the Law of Attraction this month over on SPRING. This is certainly a hot topic and one of my favorites to talk about. During our week 2 video (How do you use LOA in your life?), Jess Swift pointed out the great "Art of Success" podcasts by David Neagle (they're free, btw). I've been listening to them, and I have to say, there's some good stuff there. Especially if you aren't afraid of motivational speakers.

One of the big turning points that Neagle talks about in his own life was when he realized that he needed to start giving his 100% at work and treating everyone he met with absolute respect. It sounds like a given, right? Esentially, he needed to work hard and be nice to people.

But, it really does take effort. Lots. Of course, success is well worth the effort and, as a bonus, you might find that you actually feel better about yourself as a person when you give your all -- nicely. 

Also, our 3rd LOA video for June covers specific examples of how LOA has worked in our lives. Check it our to see how I convinced Tim to take me to Mexico for my birthday...before I even met him!