wednesday's inspiration

I'm trying so hard to make my 5 posts in 5 days! Really, I am. But, you see, the debates happened and then I got all caught up in talking about the debates. And playing the wii...

Have you ever played the Wii? It's sooo fun! I was boxing against Tim and was sweating. And cursing. And he still beat me! But it was awesome. I want one. Super fun!!

But, anyhoozy: today, I would like to share a photo that my dear friend Madison shared with me. Remember this post?  Cute bike, huh?  

Well, my friend Madison from college emailed me this shot:


She was inspired by my previous post and found this bike in her awesome town in CT! I love it!

So, thank you Madison for letting me know that you were inspired by something I wrote. And thank you for sending this photo to me. I hope that someday I can decorate my bike to be this awesome! And, I hope that I inspire my other readers to find beautiful things around their towns!