wednesday's inspiration: Jess Swift on inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

Have you been visiting Spring lately? We've been on fire over there and have been rocking some amazing content. Be sure to check it out if you've been away for a while.

This month, we're all about inspiration, and co-host Jess Swift posted some great thoughts on inspiration last week. Mostly in response to the question, what happens when you don't have time to wait around for inspiration to happen?

I love how she addresses what happens when you have no choice. When you have to create something. When you just have to do it. And I LOVE that this is what she was able to come up with during one of those forced-to-create times:


Pandas with balloons? Brilliant!

I've been so inspired by this lovely that I went out and got myself a stamp carving kit. First step to lino block printing? Perhaps!

PS. Jess officially joined the old ladies club yesterday when she turned 30! Happy, happy birthday friend!