wednesday's inspiration.'s YOU!

Hi you. Yeah, you. Today I'm talking to you (finger pointing out of your monitor)

I think it's time to have a little fun around here, to do some dream let's all jump in for a big dose of wednesday's inspiration.

Here's what we should do: go down to the comments and leave a note about your crazy dream. You know, the one that you keep tucked close into your heart because you aren't sure what other people will think and you don't really want them to tell you how it won't work.

The dream that keeps you going when things get a little hard and when you feel uncertain. The dream you think about when you're falling asleep at night or taking a walk.

Yep, THAT dream! I'll meet you in there with mine too!

(Oh! and if you're feeling shy or protective or slightly fragile about this, that's okay too. You can be anonymous. It's okay.)