wednesday's inspiration: snowshoeing in July

We spent the holiday long weekend with friends camping up in the Sierras. One of the highlights of the trip was our summer showshoeing expedition -- how awesome is it to snowshoe in shorts?

One of my big criteria for choosing hikes is no poision oak. It's not fun for me or Maggie or Tim, so, when given the option I choose higher-elevation hikes. (Fun fact: poison oak doesn't grow above 5,000 feet)

But what happens when there's somuch snow covering those higher elevation hikes? You get snowshoes, that's what.

Simple. Easy Peasy. Done and done.

But of course, there's a bigger question here. A bigger question about life.

How often do you let yourself get waylaid by circumstances? How often do you go against your standard line because the other option seems too hard or too complicated?

How often do you settle for the poison oak hike just because there's a little bit of snow and you don't want to bother renting snowshoes?

How often do you compromise when it isn't necessary?

How often do you think you have no other choice?