wednesday's inspiration: twilight

Ah Twilight!

It really IS good stuff isn't it?

My bestie was recently in town for an extended visit and we were able to go see Eclipse with some friends. At drinks before the show, most of the conversation centered around whose team we were each on. 

Edward. Jacob. Edward. Jacob. YUM!

Of course, this got me thinking: who needs Edward and Jacob when I have my own super cutie right here?

And thus, these cards were born for the etsy shop:


This one is fully customizable with your sweetie's name! Just leave me a note in the "message to seller" section at checkout!


This one comes with a blank, but if you don't trust your own handwriting, I'm happy to write your honey's name for you!


Both cards are up in the shop! Get to it, yo!

Has Twilight inspired you to do anything awesome lately?