welcome back from Thanksgiving

I'm baack!! Whoo hoo! 

I got back last night from Phoenix, AZ where I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with Tim and his parents for the holiday. When I got home last night, I realized how far away I felt while I was gone. And how good that was. 

Work has been really stressing me out lately -- can you tell from my lack of blog posts? I know it's temporary. I know that change is coming. But, sometimes I feel this doubt creep in. I start to wonder about the wisdom of my decision, is this "change" that I crave so much just a big mistake? Should I just stay with my comfort zone? Keep doing the job that I'm good at but that doesn't bring me joy? In fact, lately, not only has the job not been bringing me joy, it's been interfering with my sleep, causing me to wake up in the middle of the night. The stress isn't good, it makes me feel crappy, and I know that the physical and emotional effects are bad. Something's gotta give.  

This is not the life I want for myself.

Hear that? I'll say it again: This is not the life I want for myself. Hello, Universe? You listening? Cause I'm ready. I'm ready for that change. Really ready. I'm ready to stand up for myself and I know that just-okay is NOT good enough for me. Is it good enough for you? Really? 

If your answer to that question, "is just-okay good enough for you?," is a resounding "hell no!" then join the club. Hop on board and let's make this trip together. But hold on, cause I know it's going to be bumpy. And I know that there will be times when we look around and say, "oh no, what have I done? Was this the right thing? Can we turn this train around?" But when that happens, I know I'll look back on this moment, home from Thanksgiving, actually feeling relaxed for the first time in weeks, and know that I made a choice -- just-okay is not good enough. In fact, just-okay is bullshit. I'm going to own that. 

For those of you who say, "well, just-okay is fine, really, cause I'm not sad. I'm fine. And, really, how many people out there in the world actually think that you can have a job that makes you happy. Who's really that happy?" -- this one is a little tougher. It's okay to not be ready for a journey of your own. It's okay to think that what you have is all that's possible. It's okay -- for now. But if you think that and you're reading this blog, I will do everything I can to change your mind. I will keep reinforcing the idea of making things happen for yourself and taking ownership of your life and your happiness. Hopefully, as you read my blog and watch my journey you'll see that great things are possible, that there is so much joy out there to be captured. And if you're not into it, you probably will give up on the blog too. 

There's a third group out there -- a group that says, "No, just-okay is not good enough. I know that. That's why I <insert inspiration here> and decided to make a change and do something for myself." First, BRAVO!! Second, please keep reading and sharing your stories and experiences with me on this blog. Your bravery can inspire bravery in others. I'm certain of that.