what story is your life telling?

We are ALL telling stories with our lives. Stories that are ever-changing, evolving.

And you get to be in charge.

So, which story are you telling?

The one about the woman who's stuck in a dead-end job until retirement and watches her whole life pass her by?

The one who takes risks and chances and eventually looks back on everything and thinks, "Yeah. That was totally worth it."?

The one who has hard times and great times and is able to stay so true to herself throughout that people constantly wonder how she does it?

The one of fun, and joy, and life. And so much love. So. Much. Love?

It's normal to think that our stories are written for us. That we keep showing up in the same story each day, because this is my life and because it's what we do and because we don't really have much other choice.

But I call bullshit on that and say that we - you - can start rewriting the story whenever you want. However you want.

You get to decide every day what your new story is. You can start with the ending and work backwards, or you can start with today - right now - and making a conscious choice to show up differently, to act, to commit, to be that person you've always dreamed of being.

Because she has a kick-ass story to tell, and the world wants to hear it.

{Are you ready to start telling it?}

**photo by Stefanie Renee; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

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