what to do if you aren't ready.

I know that some of you read this blog and feel a tug.

I know that some of you do Big Thing sessions with me and feel a tug.

I know that some of you say that they want to work with me because you feel this tug.

And I know that some of you aren't ready yet.

Are you one of them? One of the "what if it could be different" wonderers? Are you one of the people who feels that tug but is too tired or resistant or bogged down in the NOW to take that step?

Know that it's okay. Know that you are on your path, that you're making those steps. Know that even if you aren't ready now, you will be one of these days. Keep reading, keep wondering. Keep moving toward the light of the things that spark you up in your life.

Keep moving forward, doing what you do, and trust that one day you'll be ready. And when you are, holyshit, you'll know it. It will hit you like a bolt of lightning.

You'll know that you can't spend another day with things as they are, that you have no choice but to move forward into action. You'll know that it's time.

And when you know, things will happen. You'll take the steps. Support (whether it's me or someone else) will be there. The world will open up to you.

And until then, keep finding that light. Name that light. Trust that light. It's more powerful than you know.