what's beyond your comfort zone?


A dear friend recently did something very brave. She went to a luncheon attended by a group of artists with someone she barely knew. She's an artist, but is just beginning to start her crafting business. Her acquaintance invited her to this luncheon so that she could meet other artists in her community. But she only knew two people. And she didn't even know them well. So, she had to mingle and put herself out there and talk to other artists. And it went beautifully. But, it was hard.

When she told me about it, I asked, "Weren't you nervous?" I'm sure that if I was put into a similar situation I would have been so nervous. And she was. She said that she felt a little awkward at first, but then just started going up to people and introducing herself. She pushed through her discomfort. And gained many new contacts and friends from the experience.

How often do you not do something because you're concerned about being uncomfortable? Or you don't want to put yourself into an awkward situation? What kind of opportunities could you find if you pushed through your comfort zone into the world?

I know that I have missed out on opportunities because I haven't wanted to make an effort, or be "on." But, if we all were willing to deal with the uncomfortable situations and see what may come from them, I think we would all be better off.

The next time you feel shy or find yourself avoiding a situation that you know would benefit you, try to realize the reasons why. Focus on your discomfort. Acknowledge it. And the get beyond it. Push it aside and keep going. You might be surprised at what you find on the other side.

Photo credit: visualdensity