what's the lesson the Universe wants you to learn?

I have a theory that everything in our life is given to us for a reason. That every struggle we encounter is there because the Universe wants us to learn something.

The more we resist this learning, the more the Universe hands us lessons. To the point that it becomes so big that we have no choice but to turn around and face it.

For example, when I refused to learn that I have to put my own needs first over those of other people in order to truly be happy, when I refused this for YEARS and kept getting handed the same learning overandoverandover, the Universe finally put something in front of me that I couldn't ignore or look away from: my need to have a child, to be a parent.

It was only when faced with this decision, this HUGE life choice, this need that I had been quieting for years that I was finally able to see that I had to stand up for myself, for what I wanted, for what I needed. No matter who got uncomfortable.

Because keeping myself uncomfortable and quiet and small for the sake of keeping someone else comfortable wasn't worth it. Not anymore. Not over something this big.

It's like the Universe got really tired of my looking the other way and figured out what it would take for me to stop. And listen. And *finally* learn.

All this learning is exhausting, y'all. There are days when all I want to do is run the other way, bury my head and do everything I can to keep the learning at bay. But the Universe won't have it.

Eventually, all the learning you've been avoiding will catch up to you, and when it does, it may not be pretty. It will likely be uncomfortable, gut-wrenching, and, in some cases, one of the hardest things you've ever had to deal with.

But I promise, that it's so worth it. All of it. The tears, the scary, the I-have-no-idea-what's-going-to-happen-but-I-know-I-cannot-keep-going-like-thisness. It's awful, and it's perfect. It's exactly what it needs to be to help get you on the path you're truly meant to be on.

Is there anything you keep turning away from? Any thoughts on the lesson the Universe wants you to learn?