what's your intention?



One of the things I learned last week at the Sustainable Happiness workshop is that a common trait amongst happy people is that they set intentions for themselves. Most even go so far to set a daily intention.

This could be something as simple as waking up and saying, "Today I will have more fun." or "Today I will help somebody." or just "Today is going to be an awesome day!"

There is so much power behind making a simple decision, a choice that you're going to have a good day. Have you ever woken up and thought, "Ugh! Today is going to suck." and then it ends up happening? Conversely, have you ever woken up, excited about something going on and thought "Today is going to be the best day ever!" and it really was?

So here's my challenge to you: set an intention every day for a week. It could be the same each day or it could be different. One thing you could even do is think about the day before. If you didn't laugh a lot, your intention for the next day could be to laugh more. Or be more playful. Or find more joy. Or to find balance.

Set an intention every day for a week and see if you feel better after those 7 days have passed. I think I'm going to spend the week having the intention to have more fun. Let's see how it goes!

Do you have an intention you'd like to share?

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