what's your priority?

The other day, Tim and I were waiting at my doctor's office for a routine visit and I was scrolling through instagram. He grabbed my phone and started looking through my feed.

"Who's this?" he asked, holding up a picture of an adorable little girl.

"Oh. That's my friend's daughter. She's 4." I said.

"And this?" he said, showing a photo of a booth at a gift show.

"That's her booth. And her jewelry. She's showing her work at a gift show in New York City."

"And this one?" he asked, showing me another photo?

"That's my friend's son and her breakfast. See? They're playing a game with straws. Sometimes they like to play games while they eat. Isn't the light in her kitchen amazing?"

And then it hit me - I had so much information about these people's lives stored up in my head. These people who - let's be honest - were more acquaintances than anything else. Yes, I'd met all three of them before, and I communicate with them online, but I wouldn't invite any of them to a cookout in my backyard. Or to my baby shower.

And yet, their everyday details were a part of my mind.

{Holy shit.}

Then I started to think about all the people I follow on instagram, and facebook, and twitter. And how all of those people were creeping into my life. And, how, given an infinite amount of brain power, this wouldn't be a problem, but how much of my own life was I forsaking to pay attention to what is going on for these people?

What would happen if I gave each detail of my own life the attention I am giving these people?

What might be possible if I shifted my focus to myself? To my own real life world? To the priorities that I say I want to focus on?

In "Awake My Soul" Mumford & Sons say, "Where you invest your love, you invest your life." (Poets. They are poets.)

I say something slightly different - where you invest your time, you invest your life. (Click to tweet.)

So where are YOU investing your time? What is your focus? Your priority? And how do the ways you spend your time match up to what you claim your priorities to be?

PS. There's still time to register for Monday's How to Say No webinar! (Perhaps strangers on the internet are something you're ready to say no to?)

**photos by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching