what's your something?

Here's what I believe: We all have a reason for being here on this planet. We all have a unique combination of gifts and aptitudes and talents that make us perfectly suited to doing something.

But what's the something? What's your something?

Figuring out that something can be tough, it can be scary. Those biggest dreams -- the ones that you hear whispers about in your heart, the ones that you think about a LOT but can never really say out loud -- are the ones that can really be magic. They're the ones that can put you on that path of living your inspired life.

I've recently become aware of the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network (honestly, I'm trying to get them to hire me!), and I am blown away by their mission and the work they do! They have an upcoming retreat that I think would be perfect for that woman who is trying to find her something and needs a welcoming, supportive, safe space to do it in.

Can I just say that I wish I had known about something like this a year ago? I'm actually even tempted to sign up and go now!

So picture this: 15 women on a 2-day discovery session in the beautiful Marin Headlands that includes full creative freedom, yoga, hiking, laughing, talking and a really safe space to let your dreams emerge. Ahh...it sounds so delicious!

The retreat is being held January 29-30 and you can go here for more information and here to register. Be sure to enter the code ReadyToCreate (because you are after all!) to get 25% off the registration fee!! It's a super deal already, but getting the whole two days (meals & lodging included) for only $318 is really a steal. A steal and an investment.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Are you ready to find your something? To take that first step toward living your dream and finding your inspired life?

I think you just might be.