when did it change?

When did it all change? When was there a collective sigh from people who said, “Okay. I give up. I’m tired. What I have is just fine.”

Is it about a point you hit in your life? Is it that we just can’t keep fighting at the pace we’re used to?

Is it that we don’t want to be fighting at all? Bingo.

So what if, instead of fighting for our dreams, we lay down our swords? What if we were to surrender to the idea that it can get better and it doesn’t have to feel hard?

What if we were willing to dig deep into ourselves and actually find the (gasp!) easy way to change our lives?

And what if it all starts with a single decision: I will only participate in things that make me feel fucking amazing. And to change the things that don’t.

It might mean out-right quitting that soul-sucking job that feels like a slow crawl to death. Or it might mean standing up to your boss and demanding more respect for yourself. Or it might mean taking up painting in your spare time because you’ve always wanted to try it. Or it might mean putting all of your available after-work and weekend time into finally getting that business you’ve been dreaming of off the ground.

Because it’s time.

Because we’ve spent long enough waiting for someone else to hand it to us. We’ve spent long enough sitting by while other people get on with their own lives, wondering what happened to our own. 

Because, baby, it’s time to shine.

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching