when things don't sell.

Sigh. This is the post I was hoping I wouldn't have to write. It's the thing that no solopreneur wants to talk about, and yet, we've all experienced it: what happens when things don't sell.

As most of you know by now, I recently relaunched my Glitterbomb Your Life & Glitterbomb Your Biz group coaching programs. I launched beta versions of these 3-month group coaching programs back in June and had an overwhelmingly positive response: the life group sold out in 24 hours (!) and the biz group was full within a week.

I felt like I had finally figured something out in my business. I had joined that illustrious group of cool kids who said things like - "OMG only 1 spot left in Glitterbomb Your Biz. Who's it going to?" and then have the spot get scooped up moments later.

Y'all. I was living the dream.

And then the program - it's been amazing! The participants are changing their lives! They are making more money! They are standing up for themselves and what they want to accomplish! They are going after their dreams!

Again. I was living the dream.

{Fast forward to now.}

I always knew I'd want to run this program again, and with my February due date and uncertainty about how I'll be feeling later on in my pregnancy, the time to run it is October - December. And even though it's around the holidays, I felt that it couldn't be a better time. Let's get ready for 2014. NOW. What an amazing way to end this year and kick off the next.

Sounds perfect, right? Right.

On Monday, I woke up expecting to see some signups or interest emails in response to my newsletter, but instead, there was nothing. My gut instinct was to spend the day fretting and compulsively checking my email. But I decided that would help nobody.

Instead, I focused on putting love out into the world. I met a friend for lunch and picked up a happy little plant for her on the way. I sent emails to people I hadn't talked to in years letting them know I still think about them and how much they still make me smile. I baked cookies for Tim's co-workers (and for myself!). I did the complete opposite of what I wanted to do, which was have a pity party for myself and my (obviously failing!) business.

Even though I did everything "right," I've had 2 signups so far. And while it's frustrating because my available work-time is dwindling, it's also frustrating because I believe so much in this work. I want everyone to take this program!

{But we don't always get what we want. Especially when it comes to running a business.}

I also realized that my success as a human being had nothing to do with the success of my business or the success of this one specific program. That I can be me 100% and live fully even if the world doesn't respond to my offerings as immediately as I would like.

Let me make this loud and clear: The success of your business has nothing to do with your ultimate success as a human being.

That, in fact, the process of working through unexpected bumps makes me a stronger person, a better business owner, and ultimate, a better coach. When my clients have business (and life!) frustrations, I can relate. I've been there. And working through my own roadblocks helps me help them.

As Tim would say, I'm building character. And no one has ever had too much character, right?

And let's tell the truth: I'm still living the dream. (When do our dreams ever work out exactly the way we expect them to?)

What this all means for you:

I've decided to drop the monthly price for the groups from $197 to $147*  each month. Because they must start October 1 to stay within my pre-baby time frame, I'm going to keep registration open through Sunday, September 22.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe in these programs. I believe in the power of making a commitment to your life, to what you want out of it, and to making it happen for yourself.

But I also know that there is no value if nobody signs up. So there's that.

If you've been on the fence or circling the runway, I hope this is your tipping point. I'd love to work with you.

It's magic. It really is. {If you let it be.}

You ready? Get started here.

*A quick note on the price change: I am not dropping the price of the program because I don't believe in its value. When I launched the beta version this summer, it was priced at $97/month as one-time beta pricing. In considering the new price, I asked participants what they felt was fair since I knew the value of the program was worth way more than the original price tag. They told me that they would have gladly paid double for what they got. 

BUT I think, as entrepreneurs, we need to be careful about huge price increases. And I think that my jump to double the price of the program - despite its value - was hasty.  

**photo and graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching