Summertime Quickie - White Space

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This week kicks off the RYHSY Summertime Quickie series! 

You know the importance of white space on the page or in a room, but how much white space do you have in your life?

If you feel like you’re always 5 steps behind and are constantly running to catch up, this episode is for you! 

Want the cliff notes? Get started with these steps:

  • What can you get rid of now? Quick: think of three things that you do regularly that drive you crazy…what do you need to do today to get them out of your life? (Choose a strategy: delegate, eliminate, or change)
  • Learn to say no. Remember that by saying no to one thing, you are saying yes to another: yourself. Give yourself the time and space to focus on what’s most important to you
  • What makes you feel alive? If you’re life is filled to the brim with the good, there’s no room for the AWESOME to come in. Make some space, see what happens.


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