Why fear isn't a factor.

I'm not fearless Tiffany Han

Something I hear from people all the time is, "Well, if I was just fearless like you, I could definitely go after my dreams."

And then I chuckle to myself because I feel fear all the time.

It’s true. I’m not fearless. 

I get nervous. VERY nervous. 

I procrastinate. A LOT. 

I try to hide from the things that I want for my life and business because they make me uncomfortable. 

I spend too much time on social media. 

I dance around conversations that require confrontation. 

I avoid people and places where I’m not sure of the outcome. 


But I try to push past all of that most of the time. 

Because I know that being a person who is afraid doesn’t work for me. I know that hiding from what I want doesn’t get me closer to any of the things I want for my life. 

But that doesn’t mean the fear goes away. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel nerves all the time. It doesn’t mean that I always know what to say or how something’s going to play out or that I’m 100% comfortable with what I’m doing (and how I’m feeling) at all times. 

I’m not. 

Most of the time, I have a running dialogue of “OMG, Tiffany, are you crazy?! I can’t believe you’re doing this.” running through my head. 

And then I take a deep breath and hit send, shaky hands and all.

Then, once I've done it, I stand up and jump around, turn up my music and think "Ahh! What have I done?"

And here's what I know - everything I have in my business today is all based on action. 

Action is how I’ve been able to move things forward in my business. Action is how I’ve been able to make things happen and grow. 

Action is how I was able to land guests for my podcast like Austin Kleon, Danielle Krysa, and Alison Faulkner.

Action is how I was able to speak at ALT Summit twice this year.

Action is how I was able to teach for CreativeLive.

Action is how I was able to make decisions about my brand and what I stand for and what I really want to say.

Action is how I was able to look at what I wanted for my business, say things out loud and proactively go after opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to me. 

Action. Action. Action.

Do I need to say it again?

And it's not just about action, but action despite the fear, despite the nerves, despite the but I'm not sure's, because the best way to convince yourself of how much you know is to DO THE WORK AND REALIZE THAT THE SKY DIDN'T FALL.

You raise your hand and say yes. And then you trust that you will figure it out.

Because the fact that you're reading this email tells me that you are a person who figures her shit out.

You making it this far in the message tells me that you're ready for more. That you're ready to take your own form of action. That you're ready to make your own brand of magic.

And 100 Rejection Letters will get you there. In spades.

It will teach you what it's like to dance beyond your comfort zone for an entire year. It will teach you what it's like to say things out loud. And what happens when the world responds.

It will teach you that you are so much more capable of figuring things out than you realize.

It will teach you that you're bigger than the questions that you've gotten stuck in.

It will teach you that learning to celebrate the failure - because it's a sign of trying - is actually the most effective way to get beyond your fear of it.

And it will teach you that the world has been ready for you all along. We just needed you to speak up.

Are you in? Cause it's your turn.