why sharing is bullshit and you should stop being nice.

I don't know about you, but I grew up hearing a lot of the following:

Be a good girl.

Don't take too much, leave some for everyone else.

Don't be stingy.

Don't take more than your share.

Play nice.

All of these might serve children well. I *get* why we want to teach our kids to share. It makes sense for kids.

As adults, as creatives, as wannabe successful business women, it's time to embrace the idea that sharing is bullshit.

That's right: sharing is bullshit.

When it comes to success, this adolescent concept of sharing is the way we play small.

Oh, I don't want to get too big for my britches.

I don't want people to think I'm bragging.

Who am I to make all this money? Have this success? Live my dream life?

Let me ask you this: who are you to not do all of this?

There's nothing wrong with success. There's nothing wrong with abundance. There's nothing wrong with having more work/money/friends/awesome than you can handle.

There's nothing shameful about living all in and playing full out.

There's nothing NOTHING wrong with earning what you're worth by living your truth. There's nothing wrong with following your passion and being rewarded beyond imagination for it.

There's nothing wrong with putting away the nice girl who always let everyone go first and becoming the girl who pushes her way to the front and asks for what she deserves.

There's nothing wrong with kicking ass and taking names. Fierceness counts, especially when you are trying to live your most radically alive life.

There is nothing wrong with redefining what it means to be a woman in this world: one who is compassionate and generous and a fucking force all at the same time. The world needs this. It needs us.

Be nice to yourself first. Take care of your dreams. Live by your own rules, and fiercely protect your truths.

It is the only way to get up there. And you are the only thing holding yourself back. Well, you and those old adages about sharing and being nice.

Are you ready to push them aside? There's work to be done.