word of the year (+ a giveaway!)

Have you picked a word for 2014 yet? 

I've actually had my word picked out since June when I ordered this planner (mine was ending in October) and chose the word adventure to be printed on the cover. Then I found out we were having twins. Adventure indeed! 

Last year, on December 31, I published this blog post where I wrote:

What I want for 2013 is to trim the fat, cleanse the clutter and step into a more vibrant life for myself. What I want for 2013 is to SHINE.

And I think that's what I've done over the year. I've learned to say yes to the things I really want and to say no to the things that I don't. I closed the chapters on old dreams so I could move on to new ones

I declared that this was my year to shine, and shine I did! 

For 2014, I'm moving on to adventure. To committing to having more fun, to worrying less, to letting myself walk away from all the things I think I should be doing and just live my life more. To staying open to what may come my way in the new year. 

To letting every new day be an adventure. 

As a bonus, I picked a second word for my business in 2014: legit. I want this to be the year that I finally feel on top of things as a business owner. That I take risks while stabilizing at the same time. That I trust my voice and the skills I have to help make peoples' lives better. (Or should I say skillz?)

Do you partake in the tradition of choosing a word for your year? 

Giveaway Time: 

I had so much fun with last year's giveaway that I'm going to do it again! For your chance to win both a 2014 Sparkle & Shine Calendar AND a spot in More Shenanigans, Please (starting January 1), leave a comment below letting me know your word for 2014 (or why you don't choose one) along with your email address. I'll choose a winner randomly on 12/31 at 9am. 

(For those of you who've already registered for the course, if you win, you can either gift your spot to a friend or get a refund.)

Ready, set, go...

Update: Congratulations Kira Elliott for winning the giveaway! 

**graphics by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching