your ideal life?


What does your ideal life look like?

I think one of the first steps on making a change is identifying what you are changing towards, what it is that you want to become. The specifics of the results you will see: how will you feel, what will you wear, how big will your smile be?

As most of you know, I have been on a journey of changing my life for a while now, but I finally feel like this journey is picking up momentum and movement is starting to occur. It's feels good. It feels like it's happening the way it is meant to be. And that is a lovely thing.

In working with my life coach (more on her and her awesomeness later!), one of my assignments was to write a letter to myself a year from now looking back on the last 12 months. In this letter, I got very specific, highlighting all of my goals and accomplishments and how it felt to actually achieve them. (I would highly recommend doing this, btw, it was a fantastic experience.)

As a step further, I've started thinking about where I want to be 5 years from now and doing some meditations to that end. I just try to envision snippets of my life, with the trust that it can happen, that I CAN actually make these changes for myself.

Yes, I know it's totally hippie, but just give it a shot, or not. No pressure :)

Here's what I see for myself in 5 years: I'm an artist, and I am creative every day. I am supported in my art by my family and friends, but also by a greater community, both emotionally and financially. I laugh. All the time. I play. I am at ease with myself and know that I am able to make the best decision for myself -- no second guessing. I have a family. I spend my time surrounded by the people I love and our lives are full of joy. I help other people find their paths and be their creative selves and live their lives with joy. And I know that I am still at the beginning of my journey, that this path will continue along for my lifetime and that each day is another adventure. 

Do you have any thoughts on what you see for yourself in 5 years? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. I think that there's something so very powerful to sharing these things with others (or even just saying them out loud!).

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