friday's confession: I want your crazy.


My favorite sentence to hear on a coaching call is But it’s a crazy idea.

I tell all of my clients and every single one of my program participants - this is a safe space for your crazy. Give me your biggest, your boldest, your scariest. This is the place to say those things out loud that are bubbling up inside you that you wouldn’t dare to say out loud to anyone else. 

I want your crazy.

I want my own crazy too.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life it’s this: your seemingly-crazy ideas are the ones this world needs the most. 

Those things that you wonder about, that no one else has ever done, that seem crazy-exciting-scary, those are the ideas that you need to follow through on the most.

Unfortunately, they’re also the ideas that we are quickest to dismiss, that we shove into the back of the closet for the safe and tested.

They’re the ideas that highlight our purest form of genius. And they’re the ones that we barely ever give heed to.

Let me say it again: The things that the world needs the most from you are the ones that you are quickest to dismiss.

You know more than you realize.

You are more ready than you know.

The idea, the vision, the drive, it’s all in you. If you let yourself tap that well.

Really. Truly.

The problem is that we start from a place of exploration, we dip our toe into the shallowest part of the shallowest end to test the waters, only letting the tiniest bit of ourselves get wet - that doesn’t tell us anything about the experience of going all in, how it will feel on our hands and our shoulders and our backs to dive deep, to trust our bodies to carry us through, to skim the bottom with our thighs before bringing ourselves up for air.

Dipping your toe tells you nothing about how it will feel to be fully immersed and committed to anything.

But we try to make the decision of Should I commit by barely skimming the bottoms of our feet on the surface, saying oh, I think it’s too cold.

We forget that our bodies are created to acclimate, that once you go all in, once your head is below the surface, your body adjusts - that water that felt frigid at first now feels refreshing and crisp and...waitforit...great.

That thing that seemed terrifying and daunting and omgIcouldn’t now feels fine. When you’re in it. When you let yourself be in it. When you trust yourself to dive in and know that everything will be okay.

And so I want your crazy. I want you to bring your biggest and boldest ideas to the table, to dive in, knowing that you are following your vision and your instincts.

I once had the idea to try to get 100 Rejection Letters. When I said it out loud, people shook their heads and said, What? You’re nuts. But here I am. I may not get all 100 letters within the year, but trust this: I’m going to keep tracking my no’s until my tracker sheet is filled up with gold stars.

I am owning my biggest and craziest ideas and not giving a fuck if the rest of the world isn’t on board.

And I dare you to do the same. Or, if you aren’t *quite* ready, I dare you to open your mind to what might be possible.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about what it might do for your life to give creedence to your big ideas.

How would it feel to really go for it and open that toy store?

What would you have to gain by hanging up your online shingle and starting that business that you’ve been thinking about for years?

What could your life look like in 5 years if you start right now?

Consider it. Ponder it. Let your mind wander in the wonder of the possiblity.

And then, bring it back to now. I dare you to leave a comment here telling me something crazy. Do it anonymously if you need to, but say it out loud. Make a mark, leave a trail. Start.

Your time is right now.

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**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching