Ep. 132: Zai Divecha on Being a Badass

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I was so excited to talk with designer, metalworker, and entrepreneur Zai Divecha for this week's episode! You'll hear the story of how Zai went from Yale grad (undergrad and grad) to a career in tech to where she is now, specializing in TIG welding and producing gorgeous fine art wall hangings. 

You'll also hear us talk about the steps Zai took as she was deciding to leave tech and become a full-time artist, and what helped her in her first year of the transition. Finally, you'll get the scoop on what kinds of support networks carry her through and some of the digital ways she keeps her fine art business organized! 

If you've considered walking away from a looks good on paper career or degree to raise your hand and say yes to something creative, this episode is for you! Oh, and if you're looking for a dose of empowerment, you'll get that too! You guys - welding is so badass! 

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