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wednesday's inspiration: Jess Swift on inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

Have you been visiting Spring lately? We've been on fire over there and have been rocking some amazing content. Be sure to check it out if you've been away for a while.

This month, we're all about inspiration, and co-host Jess Swift posted some great thoughts on inspiration last week. Mostly in response to the question, what happens when you don't have time to wait around for inspiration to happen?

I love how she addresses what happens when you have no choice. When you have to create something. When you just have to do it. And I LOVE that this is what she was able to come up with during one of those forced-to-create times:


Pandas with balloons? Brilliant!

I've been so inspired by this lovely that I went out and got myself a stamp carving kit. First step to lino block printing? Perhaps!

PS. Jess officially joined the old ladies club yesterday when she turned 30! Happy, happy birthday friend!

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wednesday's inspiration: my tweet


Yes, that tweet is true, friends. I've come to realize that I have the vocabulary of a 19 year-old. Is this a problem?

Anyhoozy, after I posted this tweet, I started thinking about how much can be said with just one word (ha!) and a high five and thought that both of those would actually make awesome cards.

So...without further ado, I give you the two newest listings in my shop!

If you're interested in picking up one of these little lovelies, you might also want to check out my guest post video (talkin' about baby steps y'all) over on Michelle's When I Grow Up blog cause there's also a discount code good for 20% off! Woot woot!

Happy Wednesday!

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wednesday's inspiration


This poster might just be my new formula for success. (found here, thanks Dana!)

We've been talking all about the Law of Attraction this month over on SPRING. This is certainly a hot topic and one of my favorites to talk about. During our week 2 video (How do you use LOA in your life?), Jess Swift pointed out the great "Art of Success" podcasts by David Neagle (they're free, btw). I've been listening to them, and I have to say, there's some good stuff there. Especially if you aren't afraid of motivational speakers.

One of the big turning points that Neagle talks about in his own life was when he realized that he needed to start giving his 100% at work and treating everyone he met with absolute respect. It sounds like a given, right? Esentially, he needed to work hard and be nice to people.

But, it really does take effort. Lots. Of course, success is well worth the effort and, as a bonus, you might find that you actually feel better about yourself as a person when you give your all -- nicely. 

Also, our 3rd LOA video for June covers specific examples of how LOA has worked in our lives. Check it our to see how I convinced Tim to take me to Mexico for my birthday...before I even met him!

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wednesday's inspiration: this girl.

This video has been making its way around blogland for a couple of weeks now, but I just had to share it.

I really do think that we should all start our mornings out like this.

I've started a tradition of telling Maggie every morning that "Today is going to be fantastic! Wag your tail if you think it's going to be the best day ever!" And I have to say, it totally works. I absolutely get pumped up for whatever I have to look forward to that day. Maggie doesn't seem to mind it either.

Video found via 37 days

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wednesday's inspiration: julie & julia

We watched Julie & Juliaon new year's eve. What an amazing film. If you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a treat. Julia Child's story was such an inspiration to me! And Meryl Streep? Superb. And Stanley Tucci? Superb! And the two of them together. OMG, superb!


The movie also made me want to run right out and pick up my own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. At least until I remembered my new year's resolution. No new cookbooks until I use the ones I have? Crap.

Tim's father got me Nigella Lawson's How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food for Christmas, and in the spirit of Julie & Julia, I made the following deal with myself: I can buy the Julia Child book only after I made ALL the recipes in the Nigella book. Bring it.

So far I've made two recipes from the book: Linguine with Clams on NY Eve and Eggplant Involtini for a friend's birthday. Both were lovely.


Cooking clams is incredibly easy, but the dish seemed super fancy at the same time. Didn't it turn out beautifully?

2 down, 348 to go!

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wednesday's inspiration

It's ME! That's right, friends, today I am claiming myself as the inspiration of the week!

Wait? Is that allowed? Can I really claim myself as my choice of inspiration?

Here's the thing: I am living a dream right now. I just left a job that wasn't fulfilling, spent months traveling and having amazing experiences, and am now in a position to fully decide what I want my next step to be. Total freedom. I can go in whatever direction I choose.

I'm also in a position to say "no thanks" to opportunities that may not be right for me. I could apply for a job at IKEA, but do I really want to work at IKEA? Not so much.

This is a luxury; I understand that. Not everyone has such great opportunities; I also understand that.  Which is why I hope to use my experience in finding my happy and living my dream as a way to inspire others. To show other people that changing your life is possible. That it can happen. It may not be easy or necessarily fun at times, but it is possible. And, in the end, is so worth every step!

But, um, so far? Yeah, I haven't done so much about figuring my stuff out.  I've been living and experiencing and having a grand time. But, not so much work has been done into figuring out my next steps. Granted, I did just come off a few months of travel. And moved into a new house. And came down with the virus-that-won't-quit. But it's time. NOW. It's time to get this show on the road. For me to start doing, instead of just talking about doing. To start living. And making things happen.

The first step: put it in writing. Vocalize it. Tell other people about it. Find other people to be accountable to. And hold yourself accountable in the process.

Pretty exciting, huh? This is gonna be an AWESOME summer. It's on!

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wednesday's inspiration

A Comcast commercial?

This week's wednesday's inspiration is a Comcast commercial?

Yep! Sure is!


See that? DREAM BIG! Even Comcast is getting behind my Dream Big in 2009 goal! And it's pretty!

I saw this commercial a couple weeks ago and was struck by how much it reminded me of Juno (which I LOVE, btw). Then I heard that they actually based it on Juno -- HA! I'm smart!

But, consider this: what if we lived in a place where people were reminded all the time -- with public signage and everything -- to DREAM BIG? What if, instead of billboards advertising vodka, cell phones, and the Gap, people were told to DREAM BIG and LIVE HAPPY? What kind of world would that be?

Oh, and speaking of dreaming big, if you need a reminder every now and then, I encourage you to check out Dallas Clayton's An Awesome Book.


Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_1 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_12 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_14 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_15 copy

These are just a small sampling of what this AWESOME book has to offer! It's amazing and so much fun to read. If you are a person who needs encouragement to DREAM BIG and live your happiest life, this book is for you!

Click here to see more awesomeness and here to purchase. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

ps. I do realize that I have kept DREAM BIG in all caps. Yes, that's on purpose. I think this is something that should be said out loud, as loud as it can be. Because it's something that should be heard over everything else going on in the world right now.

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wednesday's inspiration

I've written about Jess Gonacha's work before. I love it. I think it is all so positive and inspiring.

I was thrilled to read a couple of weeks ago that Jess has started a new blog: pecannoot where she shares her work and work of other people. I encourage you to spend some time here and check out the amazing artwork and sentiments displayed.

Cultivate faith

Different kind of life

So lucky

Everything posted is so lovely, and she's posting new things all the time. Oh, and she also takes submissions, so if you have some artwork that might be a good fit, send it over to her (*ahem* Laura: hint, hint)!

All images via peacannoot
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wednesday's inspiration
Well, it's official! I have left my job and my apartment. Walked away from what other people might deem success into the great unknown. Into the promise of something better.

I'll be traveling for the next three months or so. I'm in Denver now and then I'll be off to Portland, Charleston, and then France at the end of April. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to be able to do this, and how much I'm looking forward to spending this time with people whom I consider to be magic. People who make me feel my most alive, my most creative, my most inspired.

I consider myself to be on a journey to discover what I want to do with my life, what I want my career to be, and how to find a life-work balance that fulfills me.

And, the whole time, I'll be keeping this in mind:


I think this translates into more than just work, although it certainly applies there. This is the mantra that I want to keep in mind for all aspects of my life -- the people I spend time with, the activities I commit myself to. What's the point of doing something if it isn't something you love?

For example, I no longer want to watch television programs that are "just okay." I don't want to fill my time with things that exist only to fill my time, to help me avoid boredom until I can move on to my next activity. I'm taking a stand right now: if something doesn't bring me joy, it's not worth doing. It's better to do nothing than something you feel apathetic about. 

Sadly, I don't think this applies 100%. Bills must still be paid and chores my still be done. BUT, if you are living your life joyfully, don't you think that you won't mind the small stuff so much?

Print available at LookyLoo's etsy shop, found via Paper Schmaper via Design is Mine.

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