Hey sweets, we've gotta talk.

You’ve got a thing you want to do. Not just a thing, but A Thing.

One that keeps you up at night. One you watch other people doing.

One that, no matter how hard you want it, you just can't seem to make it happen. 

It's time to change that. Oh yes. Starting now.


Take a moment to picture that thing that’s on the bucket list, that you’ve thought about for years, that you’ve researched and talked about, and that you’ve put front and center on your vision board.

Whether it's writing that novel, making those paintings, following through on that product idea of yours, or getting your business to a certain level, there's something you know you're meant to do.

so why aren't you? let's get into it:

1. You've got excuses, and they are capital-c Convenient. So convenient in fact, that you’ve even started believing that they really are holding you back. 

2. The things you are doing look really good on paper. (And the people in your life aren’t in any rush for you to make changes or make waves.)

3. And you really are trying. You’ve tried doing it someone else’s way. You’ve taken the classes and learned the formulas. But every time you try to take that step towards your thing, everyone else’s must-do’s fall flat and you lose your footing. Again

There are so many things that you know aren't working for you anymore:

  • Rearranging your idea so that it fits into a more traditional model of success. 
  • Executing the version you see working for everyone else.
  • Ignoring the call, hoping that if you fill your time with other things, it will go away until you're ready to look beyond your comfort zone. 
  • Buying into the promise that you’ll make that move next week, next year, when you’re just a little more ready. (Sigh. I suspect you’re as tired of that one as I am.)

You’ve also tried to focus on the strategy, telling yourself that as soon as the list or the audience or the perfect logo is there, you’ll have the rest of it figured out. (Except you know things are off and that you're probably not even moving the right idea forward.)

But no matter what:

  • You're no closer to Day 1 of actually being that person you're ready to be. (Because we both know that there's a colossal difference between thinking about being someone and actually being her.)
  • That thing isn’t leaving you alone. In fact, your calling is only getting louder while time is slipping through your fingers.
  • Despite the fact that you've fought your way forward, you're still left feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and more disconnected than ever - and even farther from that success you were craving.

You're ready to be lit up. Alive. Connected. Focused. But where do you even start?

Okay, look. We all know that this is a sales page and where it's going. This is the part where I’m supposed to flip everything upside down by swooping in - et voila! - with your Most Perfect Solution™. Except that I don't think a perfect solution exists. 

Here’s what I’ll tell you instead:

You don't need to do any more research. 
You don't need more time. 
You aren't going to find the answer you're looking for at the bottom of an article you found on Pinterest.

Here are the steps to finding actual creative success:

(Liiiiike the kind of success where you decide to actually be the person you want to be instead of just thinking about it some more, where you follow the eff through on those ideas that make you feel most alive, and where you embrace a "now is the only day we've got" mentality to actually get your shit done.)

  1. Start by crafting your own personal definition of success and let go of 75% of that stuff you think you need to fill your time with.
  2. Develop your own personal list of best practices by retiring the quest for the "perfect can't-fail" formula in favor of figuring things out as you go. 
  3. Learn to take action - over and over again, to make things real, despite the ever-present lack of a guarantee that any of it is going to work. 
  4. Figure out what your intuition sounds like so that you can start listening and heeding its call. (Didn't you know we all have a built-in divine guidance system?)
  5. Meld the spiritual and strategic to actually become a person who follows through on those big ideas of hers without having to work harder, do more, and burn out.

OH YES. And you start by spending a year with me making that Big Thing of yours into a Big Reality. 


Welcome to the Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle:

A year-long coaching and creative mentorship program that will teach you how to actually move this thing of yours forward...

...the thing that you know will move you and your business forward, the one that's going to help you wake up in the morning ready to take on the world, the one that's been at the front of your mind since you started reading this page.

If you are ready to:

  • double down on that thing you say you want to do
  • make real progress towards getting it into the world
  • and let go of all that stuff that has held you back until now...

You're in the right place.

Because it's time to (finally) get traction on those big, creative ideas of yours. 

You bring your Thing. You raise your hand and say yes. You trust that you'll figure it out. And you show up for a year and do the work.

I’ve taught hundreds of creative women how to take bold, inspired action on their creative dreams and I know that there are common themes to how we approach our creative work.

Below are the main creative archetypes and characteristics that are holding you back from embracing your ideas wholeheartedly and making meaningful growth happen.


No matter which archetype you identify with (or how many resonate!), you know that you’re meant to do more with this gorgeous life of yours. 

You’re right. And you're ready.

This is where I come in. Shall we dance?

My goal here is to wake you up and scare you in just the right way. If you're turned off right now, that's okay. That means this program isn't right for you. But if you're feeling a combination of nerves and excitement, keep reading. 

There’s a new version of creative success waiting for you that is rooted in clarity, conviction, and connection. And I’m going to teach you how to connect those dots to make your mark on this world.

polka dots.png

This isn't just another e-course. The Inner Circle provides education, structure, and ongoing counsel to teach you how to actually follow through on that thing you've been thinking about for way too long - without burning yourself out, selling your soul, or feeling like a cheap imitation of somebody else.

polka dots.png

The real secret to creative success is learning how to cultivate resilience, grit, stamina, and connection while you also get moving so that you can gain the experience needed for true knowing and mastery. And you don't have to go it alone. 

At the end of our year together, you will walk away with a comprehensively redesigned approach to your creative work (and your life), a year's worth of experience and empowerment around transforming your creative work (and your life), and a completely new way of finding connection, freedom, and flow in your creative work (and your life). 

Meet your new favorite thing on the internet.



What changed in your life as a result of this program?


I have started asking myself deeper questions about what I want and found support and guidance on working through the uncertainty of my answers.

I have changed how I view my work in this world and started to open up to approaching my life and business differently. I’ve had some tough conversations with my spouse, made big decisions about shifting my creative focus, and allowed myself to play and see where it takes me. I feel a bit more rooted in me despite crazy life circumstances." - Jen Crowe


How would you describe the Inner Circle to your bff?


The Inner Circle has been the perfect mix of inspiration, guidance and actionable steps to help move me forward not only in my creative work but in my life.

I've learned so much about myself and what I truly want through working with Tiffany.

Most importantly, I’m in the process of identifying my true calling and how it fits into the work that I’m already doing. I’m defining what success means to me - based on my flow and energy, and without the so-called hustle and burnout." - Nicole Reaves






Each month kicks off with a live video lesson where I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a habit of sustained action towards your big thing. These lessons will be based on honoring your voice, tapping into your intuition, and learning how to marry your most inspired ideas with the bold action required to move them forward in the world.

Over the course of our 12 months together, you'll learn:

  • How to define your own vision of success.
  • The real pathway to creative productivity - that doesn't involve having everything figured out in advance.
  • How to bypass fear and approach your work from a place of love.
  • How to find connection - with yourself, with others, and with the world.
  • How to let go of 90% of the distractions surrounding you and your work so you can focus on what really matters.
  • How to tell the difference between other people's good ideas and what you really want.
  • How to collect data on your creative endeavors and use that data to determine your next steps.
  • How to amplify your voice - and those things you really want to say.
  • How to keep going and stay focused, especially when the creative terrain gets rough and rocky.

These aren’t your average grow-your-biz or personal development teachings. They’re as fun as they are thought-provoking - and they're all designed to help calm your nervous system while also getting you jazzed for the next step. 

(The live teachings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 10am PST / 11am MST / 1pm EST and will be recorded and shared with those who aren't able to attend live. Each live teaching will also include a Q&A.)



Packed with exercises, worksheets, monthly trackers and evaluations, and inspirational prints, this hard-copy workbook will be your year-long creative companion as you set out on your hero’s journey of learning to follow through on your thing. (OMG you're going to love it!)

You’ll track your progress on your Big Thing (and its various iterations!) throughout the year as well as have a handy place for all your lesson learnings and worksheets.

No more hoping you’ll get around to doing the work. No more waiting for the right day to come around. No more having all your ideas scattered in a million notebooks.

You’ll have one place for those gorgeous seeds of yours to grow into full-fledged crops. And at the end of the year, you’ll look back and marvel at how far you were able to take yourself.



There is also a 90-minute Q&A call each month where you can ask me anything about strategy, mindset, tools, and resources. We might talk story-telling strategy, if it’s okay for you to quit Twitter (YES!), and how to shift perspectives and deepen your faith all on one call.

It’s like a super useful version of a Reddit AMA. You get your Qs answered. I get to lavish you with all my love. You win. I win. Everybody wins.

You also get to hear what everyone else needs help with. Which means some extra resources pluuuuuus (even better!) knowing you aren’t alone. With the right support, you’re going to be fucking fierce.

(The Q&A calls are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10am PST / 11am MST / 1pm EST and will be recorded, time-stamped, and shared with the group. You'll be able to submit Qs in advance in case you cannot attend live.)


+ feet, meet fire.

Each month, I also double dog dare you to commit to a courage challenge that will help you make a bold move to propel your vision forward (while also scaring the pants off you in the best kind of way!). From that email you’ve been putting off to your big ask, it’s go-time on the work that’s going to get you from Point A to Point Amazing.

No more thinking about what you need to do or waiting until the time is "right." These challenges will root you in taking action with the accountability to make sure you follow through.

Oh, and just in case you think it can’t be done, every month you’ll get to witness me following through on the challenge in real time. On video. Freakouts and all.  Together, we’ll step into the roles we’re being called to realize for ourselves.


+ a clubhouse of the raddest peeps in town

This experience also includes a community where you get to connect with your new biz besties, seek feedback on your BBI’s (Big Burning Ideas!), and get ongoing support as you rise up to the next level of your creative work.

I KNOW that the last thing anyone needs is another discussion group. But this one will have structure, follow strict community guidelines, and will be your new source for connection with the peeps who can get you moving towards your true vision. Oh, and it will all happen off Facebook which means you'll be able to log in, log off, and get on with your life. 

My RYHSY peeps are the best, and this crew is the best of the best (srsly.). Get ready to fall in love.


+ quarterly co-working planning sessions

You know how it's always near-impossible to find the time to actually get things done? Not anymore. In these quarterly co-working planning sessions, we'll all gather on a video platform and map out our goals, deliverables, and guiding principles for the next three months. 

These sessions will also include time for you to actually do the work that's going to move your big idea forward - and you'll have me working alongside you in real time in case you hit any snags or roadblocks along the way!

(The quarterly co-working sessions will occur on the 2nd Friday of October, January, April, and July from 9am - noon PST / 10am - 1pm MST / noon - 3pm EST and will be recorded and shared with the group.)

polka dots.png

Oh, you also get:


A welcome kit in the mail (yeeeees prezzies!) that establishes you as an Official Hand Raiser and Yes Sayer. Welcome to the club, Sweets. It’s the best in here.


Exclusive access to invest in additional members-only coaching where you can get additional support and deep dives into the help you need to move forward. (Otherwise, my calendar is on lockdown.).


20% off upcoming offers You’ll also get the inside scoop on what’s coming next for me and my own bold, inspired biz and exclusive first dibs on anything new. Cuz this is just the beginning.

polka dots.png


By joining the RYHSY Inner Circle, you also get access to these rad bonuses, designed to help you get moving stat and start tapping into your flow #likewhoa. 



The investment:


Extended Payment Plan: $126/month (for 14 months)
Or save 17% with a Single-Payment: $1470

The Inner Circle officially starts October 2018 and runs through September 2019. You'll also get immediate access to the library of bonus content and automatic enrollment in the August round of 31 Days to Flow! 

Applications are open until Monday, July 16 at 10pm PST, and I'll be sending out acceptance letters via email by Tuesday, July 17. (Only 150 total spots available.)



What changed in your life as a result of this program?


Based on the work I have done in the Inner Circle I am now working towards creating and living my best life instead of just dreaming about it.

The topics covered and lessons that Tiffany covers are exactly what I needed to help push me to take action, not without any fear, but putting my faith over my fear to make big changes.

I am the type of person that wants everything done yesterday. The work I have done in the Inner Circle has helped me in those impatient moments to remember I am making progress even though it may be slow (to me). And to keep moving forward doing the next thing that needs to be done." - Kristen Coffman


How would you describe the Inner Circle to your bff?


The Inner Circle made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to. The content, as well as the live teaching, made me feel like I was being taught by someone who was also walking-the-walk.

Tiffany's dedication, experience and verve are infectious. Her transparency and willingness to share her own personal journey very quickly made me feel like I'd made the right choice investing in this year-long coaching program." - Tammi Salas



What happens when you raise your hand and say yes:

Intrigued but still on the fence? Here's the part where I seal the deal by showing you what's possible for you when you go all in on raising your hand and saying yes to that idea of yours and bold moves you're ready to make:


You will revolutionize the way you approach your creative work, moving beyond what everyone has taught you about growth to go deeper into what you intrinsically know to be true about the world - and let said truths become the foundation of everything you do. In a way that lets you talk about the things that light you up - and resonate with the people who need your work the most!


You'll shift your focus to what’s actually important instead of dicking around online trying to learn the latest tricks about Instagram ads, leveraging popups, and tricking people into receiving your emails. Instead, your marketing efforts will be grounded in you talking authentically about your work as a way to invite other people to change their lives.


You'll create from a place of flow. Your creative work will speak to something deeper. Day job or no, you’ll be doing work that lights you up and keeps you connected to your greater purpose.

You'll get that thing DONE. Like done and done. Shipped. Out the door. And you'll be ready to look at what comes next. 


How has the Inner Circle changed your life? #nobigs


"I've finally developed a brand that resonates deeply with all of my values and actually makes me excited to do my best! It feels AMAZING to now have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life. I thought I would never be able to pinpoint my "thing." - Tabitha Cook

Carly Hamilton-Jones.png

"Giving myself permission to slow down, to simmer and to pause. The monthly reminders were so beneficial." - Carly Hamilton-Jones


"I've actually stopped stressing so much about launching a perfect biz. I've allowed things to simmer when necessary and get focused when necessary. I highly recommend membership to anyone who wants the best for their business, but who wants to be more than their business as well." - Gina de Villiers


"I've realized there is more than one picture of success and more than one way to achieve "success" in online business. This has opened me up to so many more options."
- Meghan Hartman-Gómez


"I've learned how to slow down, figure out what I really want, be kinder to myself, and also take some hell yes action in both my personal and business lives. I also gained the confidence to go after opportunities that I would have otherwise turned back from." - Kristin Tweedale


"Flow! Ease! Meeting new creative women. This program helped me learn how to pull back in order to move forward." - Abbey Rodriguez


"I've redefined my goals - and gotten really clear on the most powerful actions that will get me there (rather than running around trying to do all the things). I also decided to set really clear boundaries around my work hours, so that I spend more time away from the computer."
- Kate McCarthy


"My ideas about what's possible have shifted... I feel more confident - not in what I'm doing, exactly, but more confident that the thing I'm doing is a legit thing to do and to talk about."
- Melissa Wilkins


"I have been able to get real with myself about where I want my business to go. Even more importantly, I've decided where I do NOT want it to go. This work makes you ask yourself the hard questions and stop hiding behind research and procrastination!" - Julie Wright


"I learned to trust myself more, my instincts, not to give up but also to be kind to myself." - Ana-Maria Calin


"This program has inspired me to TAKE action. I take risks but the Inner Circle is there to remind me that I don't take them alone. I would have never stepped out in the same way without the support and encouragement of this program."
- Laurie Blackwell


"I’m generally more relaxed and happy (according to my husband and kids) and get so many more of the IMPORTANT things done. I’ve done more of the work I love with clients and made more money."
- Stacey Adams


But wait. Why me?

This is the part where I COULD tell you that I know your 6-figure business is only a few weeks away. (I don't know that.) Or where I'm supposed to tell you that I have all the secrets you need to get as many Instagram followers as The Rock. (Sorry. Probably not going to happen.) Or that you're doing it wrong when it comes to marketing. (What if there isn't a right or wrong answer when it comes to your business?)

Here's what I'll tell you instead:

+ There is no one-size-fits-all formula to success. I can (and will!) share what's worked for me and the best practices you can consider, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to forge your own path and go your own way.

+ You already have the answers you need. But they're hidden behind the noise of things you should be doing and the desire to keep up with the Joneses and the hope that you can figure things out without making too many ripples.

+ Ripples need to be made. You need to make them. You know it. I know it. And I will help you get out of your own way to get your big ideas out into the world.

Oh, and, of course, you might also be expecting my super-legit profesh bio here, but here's the deal: if you're ready to trust me, you're ready to trust me. And if you don't know who I am or don't yet know if you should trust me, the Inner Circle probably isn't the place for you. 

polka dots.png

This program is unlike any other, offering a mix of teaching, support, and empowerment to help get those big ideas of yours - YOU KNOW THE ONES - out of your head and into the world.

polka dots.png

I personally screen applicants to make sure that everyone who signs on for this experience is ready to do the work required to raise their hands and say yes to that big work. There’s no obligation to join after applying, and you might learn a thing or two by going through the application process.

In addition, the program is limited to 150 participants so that I’m able to give everyone the attention they need and deserve. 

To be clear, this is not a program solely focused on business growth or marketing strategies. It is a different kind of experience designed to help you make significant shifts in how you’re showing up to your creative work in this world. (Hint: if you’re feeling all the butterflies right now, that’s the sign that you should apply!)

I'm not promising a 6-figure launch or a promotion. If those are the things missing from your life, then let's make you the person who goes to pursue them. If you're looking for the perfect autoresponder, this isn't the course for you (but at the end of it, creating the perfect autoresponder will just be a thing you do). 

Oh, and a warning: If you’re hoping to avoid facing your self-defeating tendencies, need an always-available shoulder to cry on, or are looking for someone else to solve all your problems, this ain’t for you. Likewise, if you are stuck and overwhelmed by the I don’t know’s that come along with your creative urges and are feeling paralyzed about where to go next, this program won’t be able to help you. I need you to be ready - really ready. (But if you're feeling a deep, resounding HELL YES to clarity, conviction, and connection, let's go.)



The investment:


Extended Payment Plan: $126/month (for 14 months) or save 17% with a Single-Payment: $1470

The Inner Circle officially starts October 2018 and runs through September 2019. You'll also get immediate access to the library of bonus content and automatic enrollment in the August round of 31 Days to Flow! 

Applications are open until Monday, July 16 at 10pm PST, and I'll be sending out acceptance letters via email by Tuesday, July 17. (Only 150 total spots available.)




At this point, you might be wondering if you can try this out for a month. 

Sorry, but nope. Not for this project, you can't. And here are three reasons why:

1. Because the work of making things happen takes time. (And if you aren't ready or willing to put in the time, that's okay. This just isn't the program for you.)

2. Because this experience isn't for the commitment-phobes, dabblers, or peeps looking for a quick fix. If you're not sure that you're ready, you may not be. And that's okay. Only you know that answer. (Subsequently, if you're equal parts excited and nervous and are thrilled by what's possible, let's go.)

3. Finally, let's be honest, once this party gets going, neither of us are going to want it to end. (Insert dancing twins emoji, #pleaseandthankyou)


Right. And that exhaustive list of FAQ's that are going to address every single reservation you might have and seal the deal? I don't have that either. Because I don't want to have to sell you on this. I want you to have already raised your hand and said yes. To actually doing this. To this idea. And to yourself. 

+ Let's start with the biggest one - What if I can't decide on a thing?! OMG, Tiffany, THE PRESSURE! #screamemoji

I understand that it's scary to pick just one thing to focus on. I understand that you're worried it might not be The One or that it might not work or that it might not happen the way you want it to. I also understand that all that fear has only served to hold you back (until now) and that it's time to move beyond it. 

Will your Thing change as the year progresses? Probably. At least a little. Will it earn you 6-figures in 6 weeks? Probably not. 

What I want is for you to commit anyway. Because here's the thing no one is telling you: moving the Thing forward will be what helps you make progress toward that bigger picture of success you have for your life. 

And here's my promise:

Once that Thing is done, you'll know how to move onto other things. This is the path forward for you doing all the things you want to do in your life. It doesn't have to be your forever thing, but it's time to put all those notebooks and all that research and all those maybe-this-is-the-one ideas away and actually get to work. 

...and the other big question you might be pondering:

+ I can't tell you how much time this will take, but I can tell you that most Inner Circle participants usually tend to take three paths through this work:

1. INTO THE DEEP END - Wanna go all in? Awesome. You've got the live teachings, Q+A, and discussion forums ready for you. If you want the support and accountability and ongoing counsel, it's ready for you.

2. I WANT IT MY WAY - Wanna take the work and apply your own spin? Are you an independent learner who doesn't need the group component? No problem! You'll be able to work with the materials and ask questions as they arise! 

3. THE INVISIBLE WOMAN - Wanna sit in the back of the lecture hall and then disappear before the teacher calls on you? You do you. As long as you promise to follow through. 

...and then, let's talk logistics:

+ The live teachings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 10am PST/ 11am MST/ 1pm EST and will be recorded and shared with those who aren't able to attend live. Each live teaching will also include a Q&A.

+ The monthly 90-minute Q&A calls will happen via video conference on the 3rd Wednesday of each month 10am PST/ 11am MST/ 1pm EST. They will be recorded and shared, and you'll submit questions in advance in case you cannot attend live. 

+ The quarterly co-working sessions will occur on the 2nd Friday of October, January, April, and July from 9am - noon PST/ 10am - 1pm MST/ noon - 3pm EST and will be recorded and shared with the group.

+ Our online community will be on Mighty Networks, not Facebook. Yes, I am active in the group, but not every day. Yes, there are boundaries as well as structured prompts each week to keep us all focused on the monthly lesson. No, no one is allowed to be that girl. 

No, you don't have to have a business to participate. Yes, you should have some greater calling or creative project to make this work for you. 

+ Yes, you will be able to invest in additional coaching with me as my schedule permits. This will be offered in both single-participant sessions and small-group calls of no more than 4 where each person gets 1-on-1 coaching but also gets to listen in on the other participants' coaching. (And if that makes you nervous, you've forgotten that everyone in this group will be freaking rad. Learning from each other is a total win.)

+ In joining the group now, you will be enrolled for the next round of the Inner Circle that begins October 1, 2018 and runs through September 2019 and will be able to take advantage of the extended 14-month payment plan. You will have immediate access to the bonuses and will be automatically enrolled in my 31 Days to Flow class, which starts August 1, 2018. 

+ No, I'm not doing rolling acceptances. Early-bird applications are open until Monday, July 16 at 10pm PST, and I'll be sending out acceptance letters via email by Tuesday, July 17. You'll have 48 hours to secure your spot once you receive your acceptance.  

+ All sales are final. My promise to you is that if you commit to doing this work, your life will be changed. But just like Whole Foods cannot force you to eat the kale and J.Crew cannot force you to wear the dress, it is up to you to follow through on what you want for your life. 

+ Yes, if you have any lingering q's, you can email me. I'm the nicest.