The things I know to be true about all of us.


Here are a few things I know to be true. Perhaps some of them will be helpful to you. (As always, take what you need. Leave the rest.)

When you’re used to going a cool 100 miles/minute, slowing down to 60 mph is going to feel like a SLOW CRAWL.

Those big changes you need to make aren’t ever going to feel comfortable in the moment.

There is so much you don’t currently know - let your curiosity lead you.

It’s okay for you to aim for a C+ average. Your 78% is still AMAZING in the eyes of the rest of the world. Seriously, your standards are SKY HIGH. You have space to chill out a little bit.

Doing the safe thing is hardly ever where you want to be spending your time.

You need more sleep.

Like, maybe, 2 more hours a night.

There is a ton of mediocrity surrounding us that we can let go of.

You’ll find so much space and time if you stop watching shitty tv and stop waiting for social media to entertain you.

Seriously. This book is so much better than the endless scroll. You're welcome. 

Your intuition will never make you feel bad. It will never speak to you in a less-than-loving way.

Likewise, your inner critic is loud AF and often leaves you feeling depleted, depressed, and full of doubt and worry.

You can decide to ignore your inner critic while you work on your creative endeavors. No one is saying that it’s going to be easy but making that decision is the first step.

You may never get to a place of having things completely 100% figured out. And if you did, you’d probably be bored.

If you don’t feel like you can trust the Universe or God or the Earth Mother, figure out how to trust yourself.

You’ll always regret not cutting ties with that person/habit/relationship/mindset sooner.

You’ll never regret making the art, taking the walk, doing the meditation.

You are so much stronger than you realize. And that thing you’ve decided to call scary really isn’t all that bad when you consider everything you’ve survived and created and built up to this point in your life.

Oh, also: You’re doing great. You’re not alone. Keep going.

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Tiffany Han