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Season 3

Season 2

Ep. 99: Summertime Quickie: All About Hamilton! 

Ep. 98: Summertime Quickie: The Power of Keeping Things Simple

Ep. 97: Summertime Quickie: On Pretend Work

Ep. 96: Summertime Quickie: When To Let Something Go

Ep. 95: Summertime Quickie: My RYHSY Story!

Ep. 94: Summertime Quickie: Creativity is Problem Solving

Ep. 93: Summertime Quickie: It Doesn't Have to Make Sense

Ep. 92: Summertime Quickie: The Value of White Space

Ep. 91: RYHSY Remix - The CrazyFaith Episode

Ep. 90: Erin Cassidy on Evolution

Ep. 89: Emilie Wapnick on Being Multi-Passionate

Ep. 88: Nicole Antoinette on Making Change

Ep. 87: Jamie Jensen on Telling Your Story

Ep. 86: Letting Go of Perfection

Ep. 85: Laura Simms on Career

Ep. 84: Mara Glatzel on Self Care

Ep. 83: Katie Dalebout on Letting it Out

Ep. 82: The Myth of Time Management

Ep. 81: Lisa Solomon on Being an Artist

Ep. 80: Sarah Von Bargen on Choices

Ep. 79: Kristen Ley on Faith & Hustle

Ep. 78: Michelle Ward on Evolution

Ep. 77: The Solo Entrepreneur Journey

Ep. 76: Cyndie Spiegel on Changing the Rules

Ep. 75: Anne Sage on Balance

Ep. 74: Sarah Deragon on Bold Moves

Ep. 73: Resolutions

Ep. 72: Stasia Savasuk on Personal Style

Ep. 71: Amy Robles on Money

Ep. 70: Lacy Young on Health & Wellness

Ep. 69: Listener Q&A

Ep. 68: Tara Swiger on Enthusiasm

Ep. 67: Tammie Bennett on Habits

Ep. 66: Nicole Hudson on Failure

Ep. 65: The Price of Speculation

Ep. 64: Molly Mahar on Transitions

Ep. 63: Kristin Guy on Making Things Happen

Ep. 62: Amanda Kingloff on Creative Play

Ep. 61: Jessie Artigue on Confidence

Ep. 60: The Myth of Passive Income

Ep. 59: Kate McCombs on Pleasure

Ep. 58: Paul Jarvis on Overcoming Perfectionism

Ep. 57: Austin Kleon on All Things Creative

Ep. 56: Jason Zook on Selling his Future

Ep. 55: Danielle Krysa on Getting Unstuck

Ep. 54: Rachel Mae Smith on Growth

Ep. 53: Playing Bigger End Game

Ep. 52: Alexandra Franzen on Devotion

Ep. 51: Lisa Congdon on Passion Projects

Ep. 50: Julie Schechter of fitBallet on Doing the Scary Thing

Ep. 49: Todd Henry on Authenticity

Ep. 48: Melissa Bahen and Joy Uyeno Creating what you Need

Ep. 47: Emily McDowell on Standing Out

Ep. 46: Alison Faulkner on Enthusiasm

Season 1

Ep. 45: What’s Your Sign?

Ep. 44: Book Club: The Girl on the Train

Ep. 43: Say It Out Loud

Ep. 42: On Finding Inspiration

Ep. 41: The Quiet Side of Bravery

Ep. 40: The Power of the No

Ep. 39: Erin Cassidy on Comparison

Ep. 38: Cyndie Spiegel on Hustle

Ep. 37: Handling Fear & Your Inner-Critic

Ep. 36: Molly Gilbert on Ease

Ep. 35: Jen Louden on Vulnerability

Ep. 34: Janelle Hanchett on Telling the Truth

Ep. 33: Elise Blaha Cripe on Making (and Reaching!) Goals

Ep. 32: Monica McCarthy on Making Choice

Ep. 31: Success Secrets of the Highly-Creative

Ep. 30: Amy Tan on Creativity

Ep. 29: Meg Worden on Owning It

Ep. 28: Michelle Ward on Starting a Business

Ep. 27: Book Club: "The Big Leap" with Erin Cassidy

Ep. 26: Jennifer Lee on Creativity as an Asset

Ep. 25: Erin Cassidy on Creative Freedom

Ep. 24: Esme Wang on Radical Sincerity

Ep. 23: Tiffany Han on Crazyfaith

Ep. 22: Laura Simms on Purpose

Ep. 21: Kelly Rae Roberts on Boundaries

Ep. 20: Nicole Stevenson & Delilah Snell on Collaboration

Ep. 19: Flora Bowley on Letting Go

Ep. 18: Bari Tessler Linden on Money

Ep. 17: Kari Chapin on Productivity

Ep. 16: Susannah Conway on Unraveling

Ep. 15: Tanya Geisler on the Imposter Complex

Ep. 14: Tracy Benjamin on Authenticity

Ep. 13: Stephanie Lee on Focus

Ep. 12: Stefanie Renee & Liz Kalloch on Partnerships

Ep. 11: Caroline Winegeart on Confidence

Ep. 10: Jen Hewett on Community

Ep. 9: Michelle Ward on Big Dreams

Ep. 8: Leigh Standley on Creative Business

Ep. 7: Elise Blaha Cripe on Starting

Ep. 6: Tara Mohr on Playing Big

Ep. 5: Mati Rose on Feeling the Fear

Ep. 4: Jess Swift on Doing the Work

Ep. 3: Lisa Congdon on Creative Evolution

Ep. 2: Erin Loechner on Saying Yes

Ep. 1: Welcome and Introduction

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