Raise Your Hand and Say Yes

To all those things you want to do, be, and say without compromising your standards - or your sanity.To all those things you want to do, be, and say without compromising your standards - or your sanity.

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 You’re idling at 30% of your potential.

I know it and you know it, but to everyone else in your life, you’re killing it.

You’re checking all the boxes.
You’re getting the promotions.
And you always have the perfect holiday card.

From the outside looking in, you’ve got it (almost) all figured out. And to a point, you do (almost). You’re smart; you’re driven; you’re able to do anything you put your mind to.

The problem is: You know that you’re capable of so much more and that you’re sitting on buckets of latent potential.

You’re saying yes to the wrong things.
You’re designing your days according to someone else’s standards.
You’re holding yourself back from living the life that you truly want.

Somewhere along the way, you decided that holding yourself back was good enough for now. But you know it’s not sustainable, and that, ultimately, it’s not getting you where you want to be.

Enter the frustration, anxiety, and insomnia and everything they bring to your health and relationships.

The truth about those big ideas that keep you up at night: they’re going to require that you shift this car out of neutral and start applying some gas.

But, unfortunately, at the end of the day - after you’ve kicked ass on everyone else’s checklists - you’ve got nothing left for yourself.

Until now.


What if I told you...


I’m Tiffany Han

And I want you to teach you how to become the most remarkable version of yourself.

You are the hero of this transformation story. I’ll be your guide.

Introducing Raise Your Hand Say Yes:

A year-long coaching and creative mentorship program that will teach you how to raise your hand and say yes to all those things you want to do, be, and say without compromising your standards - or your sanity.

No more idling.
No more stalling.
No more distractions.

It’s time. Your turn is here.

And here’s what I want you to know:

  1. You don’t have to stay stuck.

  2. Yes - making that shift you’re craving is going to be hard and uncomfortable and disruptive.

  3. But what’s waiting on the other side will be SO WORTH IT.


My goal here is to wake you up and scare you in just the right way. If you're turned off right now, that's okay. That means this program isn't right for you. But if you're feeling a combination of nerves and excitement, keep reading.

There’s a new version of success waiting for you that is rooted in clarity, conviction, and connection. And I’m going to teach you how to connect those dots to make your mark on this world.

This isn't just another e-course. Raise Your Hand Say Yes provides education, structure, and ongoing counsel to teach you how to actually follow through on that thing you've been thinking about for way too long - without burning yourself out, selling your soul, or feeling like a cheap imitation of somebody else.

The real secret to success is learning how to cultivate resilience, grit, stamina, and connection while you also get moving so that you can gain the experience needed for true knowing and mastery. And you don't have to go it alone.

At the end of our year together, you will walk away with a comprehensively redesigned approach to your life, a year's worth of experience and empowerment around transformation, and a completely new way of finding connection, freedom, and flow in your life.

Meet your new favorite thing on the internet. 





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+ What if I already have a logo and color palette I love and just need a new site?

We can definitely work with you on incorporating elements you already love into your new site. But you never know...the branding process might change your mind! wink

+ Can’t I just do this on my own without BrandCrush?

Welllll... not really. Sure, you can design your own Squarespace site. But Tiffany and Erin have a combined 8 years of experience working with creative entrepreneurs helping them make their work look and sound amazing. They know how to elevate a Squarespace site from good to great by providing the type of strategic and design thinking that only comes from experience. We can help you take your site from DIY-template to oh hell yes awesome.