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life stuff:

+ I need to go to bed earlier. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for how to create this habit?

Start with this episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes. Then look at your bedtime routine and how you can start getting in bed earlier without a device. (GASP. I KNOW!)

When I was working on shifting my morning routines, I realized I needed to go to bed much, much earlier. This alarm clock also made a huge difference for me!


work + life balance:

+ How do you juggle your business and kids and life stuff and stay sane?

It is always a process! The biggest thing that helps me is trying to be in the room I'm in which means that I spend a lot of time trying to stay present and focused with whatever I'm working on in the moment. When I'm at work, I'm at work. When I'm with my girls, I'm with my girls. Multi-tasking doesn't work well for me.

+ Do you have any resources for early sobriety?!

Yes! You can hear my quit drinking story here and here are some of my favorite resources:

Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast
This Naked Mind by Annie Grace
The Temper
The Unruffled Podcast

+ What are your recommendations for guided meditations?

I love Lacy Young's Shift Meditations app.

+ How do you tell the difference between fear and intuition?

Here's a podcast for you!

+ Do you have any tips on overcoming procrastination?

Yes! There's a podcast episode for that.

+ I feel like I’m swimming upstream and I’m tired of following everyone else’s rules. There has to be a better way, right??!

Yes. Yes, there is. Your creative success isn’t rooted in the chasing but is actually found by inviting quiet and tapping into your unique gifts. The key is in the flow. Check out my 31 Days to Flow class.

+ I feel like I’m saying yes to the wrong things, designing my days according to someone else’s standards, and, ultimately, holding myself back from living the life I truly want. How can I start making a change?

What if I told you that you are using more energy holding yourself back than it will take to actually make these moves you’re so desperate to make?

The Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle, my year-long coaching and mentorship program, will teach you how to actually move this life of yours forward without having to compromise your sanity—or your standards.



+ What mic and headphones do you use for podcasting?

I use a Blue Yeti mic with a pop filter and headphones from Urbanears.

+ What platform do you use for uploading your Podcasts?

My podcast host is libsyn. I've used them since 2014 and am a very happy customer.

+ How do you record your podcasts? Do you use GarageBand to record and edit your podcasts yourself?

I record all of my interviews via Skype using the ecamm call recorder app. I record my solo episodes directly in GarageBand which I also use for all of my podcast editing.

+ Do you have any tips for a first time podcaster?

Start before you're ready and make sure you have time in your life to consistently show up to your show. If you're unsure, pull back on your production schedule—you can always start podcasting more often if you realize later that you have more time available!



+ How do you record your videos for Teachable? For Instagram?

I record my lesson videos using Quicktime and edit them in iMovie. I record all of my Instagram stories using the Instagram app.

+ What tools do you use for live video?

I use zoom for all of my live group calls and webinars and love them.

+ Do you use external mic or camera? Lighting?

When I'm recording video, I use the built-in mic on my Urbanears headphones and the native webcam that's on my iMac. I don't use any additional lighting.


business stuff:

+ What are your favorite business tools?

These are the tools I've used and loved for years in my business:

+ How do you know when it's time to “announce” a brand change?

Honestly, you don't always *know* but I think it's best to start dripping out sneak peeks and inside looks as early as possible!

+ What are your favorite books for marketing?

+ I’d like to start pitching myself to other podcasts, where do I start?

Take my 100 Rejection Letters class!