The RYHSY Starter Kit

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You have big things you want to do with your life. You know the importance of embracing creative risk, getting comfortable with uncertainty, and creating your own opportunities. 

But how do you get started, and what should you focus on first? I've got you covered, Sweets. My newsletter and Raise Your Hand Say Yes Starter Kit will help you start raising your hand, raising your voice, and raising a ruckus as you turn those big creative ideas of yours into big, creative realities.

It's time to raise your hand and say yes.


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The RYHSY Starter Kit includes:


+ The How to Say No workbook: How do you say no to what's not working to make room for what is? This workbook will show you how and will give you the scripts to get started.

+ The 10 Success Secrets of Highly-Creative People printable: While there's no formula for creative success, there are a few things that all successful creatives do. Get the top 10 secrets here!

+ Quickstart Guide to Finding Your Seeds: Have those big dreams of yours left you in a puddle of overwhelm? This guide will help you narrow your focus to the actions you can take today to create real momentum. 

+ 3 podcast episodes that'll change your work (and your life! #nobigs): 

  • CrazyFaith: What do you do with those ideas that feel brilliant but also don't make any "sense" to the rest of the world? I've got you covered.

  • The 10 Success Secrets of the Highly-Creative: This episode features a deep dive into the 10 success secrets of the highly-creative based. If you're ready to create success on your terms, start here!

  • Are You Looking for the Wrong Thing? (And What to Do with Your Doubt): Dreaming big is critical, but sometimes it's not actually where you should be looking (say WHAT?!). Maybe there's a better way?

+ Desktop wallpapers: You'll also get exclusive Raise Your Hand Say Yes wallpaper graphics so you can stay inspired as you actually do the work to move your vision forward! 


It's time to raise your hand and say yes.


I collect, use and process your data according to my Privacy Policy.