Wednesday, September 13 at noon PST

Learn how to start raising your hand and saying yes to those things you really need to say.
Every single time.

The recording and all materials will be shared in case you aren't able to attend live.

Creating a life that thrills you starts with telling the truth - about what isn’t working any more, about what you really want, and about what it’s going to take to get you from where you are to where you know you want to be.

In this free 75-minute CLASS, you'll learn: 


+ How to tap into your intuition to know what next step you really want to take is. 

+ Why our collective truths are so critical. And why we must start speaking them out loud - even if we're uncomfortable about it.

+ The 3 things you can do - today! - to open the door to your truth and start befriending it.

+ My creative formula for sidestepping fear and raising my hand and saying yes to what's most important to me. 

You'll also get a sneak peek into my new Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle offer and learn what it can do for you and your creative work. 


I've always known I have more to say. I've always felt I was meant to make a true difference in this world. And I've always wanted to be successful at doing it.  

I've tried doing it so many ways. Most of them haven't worked. What has? Coming back to myself, my intuition, my spiritual center. It's worked over and over and over again.

(And here's the rest of what I know: you can meditate until your butt goes numb, but if you aren't also taking action on the things you want, you aren't going to get very far. THIS is what I'm after - teaching you how to tap into your truth and then go make a new brand of magic happen for your life. Yes? YES.)

Oh, and bonus. I have a background in Psychology which means that I have a unique understanding of how the brain works and what’s required to make change in your life. I’ve done the work of building my business from the ground up and know what’s possible. Also, self-taught is the new black. You don’t need an MBA or Art School, Sweets. Promise.

Also, I am you. I know how it feels when, from the outside, everything looks amazing, but you still find yourself tired, lonely, and unfulfilled.

There is a better way and it is rooted in truth. 

Becoming a truth teller changed everything for me: I wake up excited to start my work day. I am energized by the work I do and the people I do it with. I feel more connected than ever and I still have energy left over to cook dinner for my family.

And now I want to teach you how to get started as well. Let's do this. 

How to be a Truth Teller

Wednesday, September 13 at Noon PST

A recording and all webinar materials will be shared with everyone registered in case you aren't able to attend live.