Ep. 181: How to grow an idea: a new path to creative productivity, pt. 1

How do you grow an idea? How to you become more creative? Do normal productivity tips apply to creatives and creative ideas? Click through for insights from a creative entrepreneur who knows!

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How do you grow an idea? Do the usual productivity tips apply to creativity and creatives?

These are all good questions and I’m going to answer them in this three-part series about how you can start approaching your big creative ideas from a different perspective. 

This week, I'm kicking things off with a new take on Idea Development and how you can start bringing some of those gorgeous ideas of yours out of hiding and into the world! 

This isn't about learning the latest time management hacks or piling more onto your already-overcrowded plate. Because there is a better way out there for you to turn your big, creative ideas into a big, creative reality. But without all the pressure of that, of course. *wink*

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